Exploration Activities

LLP "Caspioilgas" has preferential access to exploration acreage due to its relationship with the Kazakh Government. Together with the pre-emption rights to acquire existing oil and gas assets offered for sale, Such advantage allows the Company to replenish its exploration portfolio and to compete effectively with the largest transnational oil corporations. There are virtually no unknown locations on the planet where major conventional oil reserves are likely to be found. Today’s search targets are complicated geological features in remote locations with harsh environmental circumstances. The company expands its resource base by implementing cutting-edge technology for gathering and processing information on the structure of large oil and gas basins as well as individual deposits.

Even with traditional resources, finding new oil reservoirs is a difficult and expensive task. When working in uncharted, difficult to reach areas, exploration and mistake expenses skyrocket. Basin modeling allows for the elimination of a large number of uncertainties prior to the start of field work. Basin modeling entails reenacting the creation and modification of geological layers over millions of years to establish when they first emerged, where they accumulated, and how hydrocarbons were redistributed. The processes of production and alteration of geological layers are reconstructed within the framework of this technology, using all known information about the geology of the region and mathematical and analytical procedures, making it possible to pinpoint the locations of hydrocarbon accumulation.

LLP "Caspioilgas" conducts exploration activities in order to expand the resource base. Exploratory actions have consistently yielded excellent results thanks to advanced exploration techniques and the selection of the most promising regions based on study findings. we are pursuing a number of exploratory and experimental initiatives, as well as steps to build its own geophysical service. Field seismic modeling methods were created to give the finest monitoring systems for projects in the Almaty Territory.

The Company takes a rigorous and complete approach to the exploration and development of its fields and license territories, from the collection and interpretation of seismic data through the building of dynamic field models for the placement of exploration and production wells. We use current geology and hydrodynamic modeling, as well as novel well drilling and completion techniques, to maximize the final recovery of hydrocarbons in a cost-effective and environmentally responsible manner. The success of exploration drilling has continued to increase as sophisticated technology for processing and interpreting seismic data has been applied step by step. The Company is planning to continue seismic studies at existing exploration blocks and planning to drill exploration wells targeting subsalt structures as well as looking for additions to the Company's exploration.