Gas Production

Kazakhstan is among the top countries in the world when it comes to essential oil reserves, having 3% of the world's total oil reserves. 62% of the country is occupied by oil and gas areas, and there are 172 oil fields, of which more than 80 are under development. More than 90% of oil reserves are concentrated in the 15 largest oil fields. Oil fields can be found in six of the fourteen provinces of Kazakhstan. They are the Aktobe, Atyrau, West Kazakhstan, Karaganda, Kyzylorda and Mangystau provinces. About 70% of the hydrocarbon reserves are concentrated in western Kazakhstan.

LLP "Caspioilgas" processes natural gas and natural gas liquids in our gas processing plants. The associated petroleum gas produced by us is processed at the company's gas processing units into liquid hydrocarbons and marketable gas. Deliveries of propane and butane to the company’s numerous clients commence simultaneously the products is shipped to both international and domestic markets.

According to the Kazakhstan Ministry of Oil and Gas, proven hydrocarbon reserves, both onshore and offshore, are estimated to amount to 4.8 billion tonnes, or more than 35 billion barrels, while as of 2001 the explored in-place reserves of oil were only 2.9 billion tonnes. Furthermore, according to some experts, there are probably more reserves of oil in fields located in the Kazakh section of the Caspian Sea, which may be over 17 billion tonnes or 124.3 billion barrels. Given the oil and gas reserves as well as the ever-increasing production volumes, in the foreseeable future, Kazakhstan is much likely to remain among top oil producers.

LLP "Caspioilgas" places a premium on its gas production and transportation operations, as well as the expansion of its processing capacity and energy generation at its own power plants. To ensure maximum performance of connected petroleum gas consumption, The company uses the most advanced equipment in all of its fields. Processing associated petroleum gas is an important part of an integrated system for collecting and using the gas. The Company’s gas processing plant is a modern facility capable of producing dry stripped gas and liquid hydrocarbons, both of which are widely used in industrial and commercial activities in Kazakhstan.