Oil Production

The oil production level of the existing fields has stabilized technologies for oil extraction. introduction of new enhanced oil recovery methods is required to develop hard to recover reserves and improve the efficiency of exploitation of assets with a high degree of production. To begin, high-tech wells with multi-stage hydraulic fracturing and innovative technologies for displacing oil dregs that could not be extracted using old methods are being built.

Strengthening and expanding the Company’s resource base is one of the company’s strategic aims. The stable resource base ensures that production activities continue and that oil production targets are met. The Company continues to extend its portfolio of licenses and conducts a significant amount of exploration work, exhibiting constant replenishment of oil and gas reserves. When it comes to exploration, the Company prioritizes the use of new technologies and equipment, as well as the support of operations by research and development institutes and design institutes, all of which contribute to the Company’s efficiency.

The Company is devoted to ensuring production levels that allow it to strike a balance between economic efficiency and mineral resource rationalization in the upstream sector. maintains constant production levels in older fields while pursuing hard-to-recover reserves. Simultaneously, the Company is constructing new oil production hubs and developing appealing places. In recent years, the Company has kept its oil output stable by focusing on enhancing the oil recovery factor, which is one of the highest in the country.

LLP "Caspioilgas" has been implementing a Manufacturing modernization program, including the reconstruction and upgrading of its production unit, for several years, which has improved product quality and increased its competitive value. It is the most extensive modernization effort in the Kazakhstan oil industry’s history. Due to the temperature and topography of this site, traditional methods of building up roads, drilling wells, constructing pipelines, and constructing field facilities were impractical. The oil-producing sector, in fact, served as a real-world test bed for innovative technologies and methods for developing fields under challenging geological and climatic conditions. One of the strategic aims of the company is to expand the oil business. and our main goal is to transform into a next-generation firm that will serve as an example of efficiency, technical effectiveness, and safety for other oil corporations around the world.