Oil Refining

The most pressing technological issues in oil refining today are linked to large scale refinery modernization initiatives being performed by all Kazakhstan oil corporations. The company is conducting a national initiative to build Kazakhstan first modern catalyst production facility, as well as upgrading its control and output systems to digital. Every step of the secondary oil refining process involves the employment of catalysts. we makes catalytic cracking catalysts in our own factory, which is merely enough to meet the needs of the company’s refinery.

As part of the national program, The company has cooperated with leading Kazakhstan research centers to conduct research and development. The company is updating its line of catalytic cracking catalysts. The Almaty Institute of Catalysis is responsible for the development of hydro-process catalysts. Almaty scientists have already developed catalysts for hydrotreating middle distillates, allowing them to generate a product with a sulfur content of less than 10 ppm, meeting all of the Euro-5 criteria. These catalysts performed admirably in industrial experiments.

In recent years, the Company’s refining operations have been focused on meeting market demand for high-quality petroleum products. the company continued to update its refineries, allowing it to expand its product range, improve product quality, and increase its competitiveness. This is the most ambitious renovation program for oil refining facilities in the Kazakhstan oil industry.

The refinery produces motor fuels, aromatics, liquid paraffin, roofing and insulating materials, and other petroleum products with superior performance and environmental characteristics. The diesel fuel, jet fuel, roofing materials, and bitumen produced at the refinery all meet international quality standards. Every year the company improves its industrial facilities. The refinery is pursuing a tiered process flow diagram innovation plan aimed at improving petroleum product quality, cutting operating costs, and enhancing industrial and environmental safety.

LLP "Caspioilgas expects to have a synergistic impact upon completion of the modernisation by changing the composition of raw materials and reordering component flows throughout the corporation’s refineries. Improved control over the implementation of the investment program, schedule optimization of support project implementation at refineries, and the adoption of the company methods for efficiency management and operating expense optimization will all have a positive impact. to ensure that this potential is achieved.