Mission And Strategy

LLP "Caspioilgas" is one of the leading company in the field of Extraction of crude oil and associated gas production in Kazakhstan, and among the leaders of the oil and gas sector in the Caspian region. Our mission is effective exploitation of hydrocarbons in order to maximize the benefits to shareholders, also providing long-term economic and social benefits for the regions of our operations. In implementation of its mission and vision is guided by the following priorities: Safe working conditions of its employees, as well as rational use of natural resources adhering to the best standards of environmental and health protection , Exploration as a basis for long-term growth of the Company and the way to increasing the resource base and Profitability as a necessary condition for the existence of the Company.

The company is confident in its capacity to accomplish the Strategy’s targets. The new strategy, which builds on the company’s vision, focuses more on market positioning, increasing flexibility in reaction to external changes, and upgrading all critical business processes. our goals are to establish a new generation corporation and to become a global benchmark for efficiency, safety, and manufacturability for other businesses in the industry.

LLP "Caspioilgas" plans to Improved efficiency of business processes and technological processes, including through their automation to consolidate its position as one of the world’s reliable traded oil and gas firms in terms of liquid hydrocarbon production by increasing output faster than the market and optimizing the value earned per barrel produced. The firm will continue to increase the efficiency of value chain management by enhancing the refining depth and yield of light petroleum products, developing the petrochemical industry, maintaining its leading position, and extending its share of existing and new product sales markets.

Our company’s digital, cultural, operational, and organizational Operational transformations. entails the creation of the management system in order to assure system security and regular activity efficiency. Through the use of digital technology, digital transformation will increase the quality and speed of decisions made. The move to a flexible organization, a simple and rapid working environment, and the establishment of an ecosystem of collaborations outside the company will all be made possible by our cultural and organizational transformation. and also to Establish long-term partnership agreements with leading oil and gas companies in exploration, production, and service.